August 18, 2007

Web development blog .......

This is a short review on the hottest site bringing the latest news and developments on the the 'fun' way!!:jon lee dot see eh.

The author of this cool site is Jon Lee,whose main objective of starting this site is to share with the readers his experiences as a web developer.Huh! That's a gr8 thing to hear!.

His online experiences and findings are greatly and cerefully placed on the site,as I have closely observed.But the 'fun' way is doubted.He's serious about it! and his experience as a publisher from a age of 12 is paying back.

It's been growing at a good pace and we all know what and how much it takes to be 27th most favourited blog on Technorati .So you will have to check out the blog if you are serious about blooging to be one beside Jon...:)

The screen shot of the site:

Check it out.