May 18, 2008

Crush or flush your contacts:Safe social networking

It's hot summer over here with temperatures soaring well over 45 degrees.Due to this,we couldn't even go out during the day.This has been a problem for me for the past few days as I couldn't meet people,friends and could do nothing productive as well.As a result,the whole day time was getting wasted.

At this point of time,my friend introduced me to a new social networking site designed primarily for people looking forward to meet new people.The site is .As the name itself,the site is quite attractive and innovative too....

More information:

Crush or Flush is a fun, safe, and easy way to meet people, chat, and stay in contact with friends using your cell phone or your computer
Open an account which is free and upload your face pic, add a description, and create some tags that describe who you are.Let them know if you are looking for a woman, a man (or both). That’s it, you’re profile is done and you can start Crushin’ and Flushin’ people.

You can browse people by gender, age, location, and interest (tags). If you find someone you like ‘crush’ them. If not, ‘flush’ them. Don’t worry… they’ll never know you flushed them so no hard feelings. If you Crush someone and they Crush you back… that’s called a Mutual Crush. You’ll both get a text message letting you know that you both like each other. You can then text chat without giving up any of your personal info. No one ever gets your real name, cell phone number, or e-mail address.

Safe way to meet people isn't it?