October 16, 2008

News:Gale Harold injured in motorcycle accident

Gale Harold,the “Desperate Housewives” actor who plays Teri Hatcher’s boyfriend has been hospitalized being seriously injured in a motorcycle accident that took place yesterday.

Reportedly,it is said that he had fractured his shoulder.His condition is still unknown as any announcement is due from the authorities.The actor,38, is being treated at Intensive Care Unit of USC Medical Center.

October 12, 2008

James Doherty :Dead for 15 minutes but comes "alive"

Britain’s Tennis ace,young James Doherty won over his life battle.In a miraclulous turn-around,the young tennis player aged 13 came back to life after remaining dead for 15 minutes.

He suffered a massive heart attack during a game playing at the Hazelwood Tennis Academy in Enfield, North London, on September 8.

Medical experts are surprised by the unusual happening as the chances of coming alive after heart-stopping for 10 minutes are absolutely rare.