September 30, 2008

Gosublogger's 2nd Entrecard contest

GosuBlogger is holding a wonderful contest with the following prizes:

  • 2000 Entrecredits + Review on GosuBlogger + Domain name + Celebrity e-mail
  • 1500Entrecredits + Link on GosuBlogger + Link on Template Footer + Celebrity e-mail
  • 1000 Entrecredits + Link on Template Footer + Celebrity e-mail

To be a part of the contest,register yourself by the following methods:
  • Write about the contest
  • Subscribe to the site's feed via email
  • Post a comment on the contest post

The contest's gonna end when the particiaptors count reaches 30 so be there at the earliest.
The contest post is here

September 29, 2008

Glitch 1st anniversary contest:Win a domain or advertising

Mobile eBooks Etc,on the occasion of 1st anniversary is holding a blog contest.The blogger who also blogs at Glitchline faced all the hardships he lost his cool page rank while shifting to personal domain.Though the blog enjoys a PR3,it's not a better sight for a site that had a PR5 earlier.

In a view to help another blogger get a self domain at the earliest,the contest has the following prizes:

1st prize - a domain name (convertible to cash)
2nd price - 125×125 banner ad at Mobile eBooks for 1 month
3rd price - 125×125 banner ad at glitchline for 1 month
4th prize - text link ad at Mobile eBooks for 1 month
5th prize - text link ad at glitchline for 1 month

The entry methods are:
1. Blog about the contest indicating the prizes and link to the post, along with links to Mobile eBooks Etc and to glitchline = 6 points(Only Do follow links)
2. Blog your reaction on any post you find relevant on your blog with a link to that post from mobile eBooks and glitchline = 4 points (minimum 100 words)
3. Comment on any of blog posts on Mobile eBooks and glitchline = 1 point

So that's quite simple for a contest and the winners to be announced on 1st October.Here's the contest post.

Messaoud's september blog contest:Win cash or advertising,a blog about making money online is organizing a blog contest where you can win cash or advertising depending on your luck.

The prizes involved are:

1st Prize : $10 sent via PayPal
2nd Prize : 125×125 banner advertizing on for 1 month
3rd Prize : text link advertizing on for 1 month

You can be a part of the drawing by entering the contest by any or all of the following entry methods:

Subscribe to the blog's RSS feed through email for 10 entries

Blog about the contest and notify about it through a comment for 5 entries

Comment on other blogs,relevant to the posts and talk about the contest in a non spammy way for 1 entry

Refer your friends to the contest for 1 entry each

The contest ends on 30th September and winners are drawn through,head over there soon and test your luck...

Good luck :)

Heather Locklear arrested and released

Heather Locklear was arrested on Saturday on suspicion that she was driving under the influence of drugs.The arrest took place in Santa Barbara County.

The news came as a shock to many as the beautiful 47 year old actress came back from a 4-week rehabilitation program in July to get rid of anxiety and depression.

A Highway patrol officer took the action on complaint of "erratic driving" from an unknown peddler.She was later released from custody after tests for alcohol and drugs.