June 7, 2008

Ana Ivanovic Pictures :The No.1 in Tennis

Ana Ivanovic once again stormed into news by winning her first Grand slam -The French Open.The hot Serbian who is known for her beauty and passion for Tennis beat Russian Dinara Safina 6-4,6-3 in the French Open final,thus ending Safina's hopes of taking another miraculous win!!!.

With the win,Ivanovic would replace Maria Sharapova as the number one in Women's rankings.She is also the first Serbain to do so..

Here are some of the hot pictures of Ana Ivanovic:

Lynda Carter-the "wonder woman" finds dead body

Lynda Carter,popularly called "Wonder Woman" after the character she portrayed in the 1970 television series,discovered a dead body of a woman while she was rowing in the Potomac River.

The famous actress immediately alerted the local fishermen who called the police.Police suspect the death to be suicidal.

When contacted,Carter said "I didn't do anything special,I did what anybody would have done."!!.

Huh..she is indeed a wonder woman!!!.

June 6, 2008

Upstartblogger:Mac Book Air and iPhones giveaway!!.

Ashley Morgan of upstartblogger has a hot contest running on his blog-A giveaway of 5 iPhones and a Mac Book Air.Yes you heard it right!.It's one of the biggest giveaways I have ever participated in.

This blog post has been made in order to mention my participation in the contest...:)

The last few days have been quite productive in finding new bloggers.While some of them are quite okay,others such as Ashley are just great!.He runs quite many number of contests,that I was confused in which one to particpate..:)

This blog run by Ashley is a blog you should never miss if you are looking to build and maintain a successful blog!!!.

He's had a great post for new bloggers with the title: 25 steps to launching your blog and making $100+/month in 30 days.

Make sure you read the blog if you are blogger and if you are a newbie start with the post above.You should have got my idea by now...it's a must read blog!!!.

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Headover to upstartblogger soon to read the rules and enter the contest.SORRY the last date to enter the contest is 6th June(I have been a bit late to know about the contest,but there's still some time for you)..

June 5, 2008

Enjoy the beauty of Social Networking with CrushorFlush.com

With raising concerns over social networking,new trends and practices are taking shape!.A similar practice of super safe social networking is that implemented by Crush Or Flush.com !!!.

The main advantage of using CrushorFlush would be privacy!.You can browse through others profiles and thereafter,you can crush or flush an individual!.Even when you have a mutual crush,your personal information is never leaked to others.Anonymous profiles are completely never to be seen on the site!.A person can maintain only one profile.

One of the coolest features of the networking site is it's chat !!.You can chat with your "crushes" after having a mutual crush with them.They never leak your personal details-including your phone number,real name and email address to any one.Through chat if you personally wanted to reveal your identity to your friends-it is welcome.

And most importantly,if there's a complaint of any harassment from a member,that fellow is permanently banned from the site!.

Happy networking!!!.