July 17, 2007

The hacked website is fine now !!

Yesterday,it was one of the popular story on the front page of digg,with the Heading "My website was hacked".It was really and the hacker left a photo together with his email address !!.

The sufferrer posted his story on digg with the words "I found my website was hacked just now. He left his email, too. What should I do? ".When i make this post,the story has over 1516 diggs together with 333 comments.....and more interestingly,the website is ok right now,unlocked from the hands of the hacker.

Here is the screen shot of the website:

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July 16, 2007

Digg submition a problem !!

Now...just now,i have tried to submit a story from ATPtennis.com which relates entry of Pete Sampras into the international hall 0f fame.But once i entered the url of the story and hit "CONTINUE" button..the page shows up as the screenshots as i show here..even the stories that digg thinks to be a original of my story doesn't show up even after the site got loaded !!!.

Screenshot 1
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Screenshot 2
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