May 21, 2009

Claudia Ciesla (with photo):The new love girl of Salman Khan

Claudia Ciesla is the new and fresh face of popularity in the Bollywood.The absltely sexy and curvy german model has been in the news recently for various reasons.

The most important and famous of them all is her link-up with Bollywood macho man Salman Khan. Whoever had an affair with Salman Khan have become very popular.So, after Somy Ali and Katrina Kaif, it’s the turn of this sexy German model Claudia Ciesla.

Reportedly, Salman Khan met this gorgeous model in a party and fell to her in first sight.He also promised to give her a role in his upcoming film.

Like every other glam girl, she also had a down part.Claudia has once posed nude for Playboy and those photos together with some other fake ones are doing their rounds on the internet.

Here is a photo of sexy Claudia Ciesla:

Who is Fake IPL player?: Watch the video

The Fake IPL player who has revealed some shocking insider news of Kolkata Knight Riders team very frequently has revealed his identity.

This revelation which brought curtains down on the famous search "Who is the fake IPL player (FIP)" on all search engines.This happened on wednesday, the day Kolkata Knight Riders played their last game of IPL-2.On a post on The Fake IPL player blog, the "anonymous-till-now" blogger posted a self-shot video of him.This four-minute video titled 'FIP RIP' only showed the personality in darkness, that is, you can't recognize the person.

You can watch the video at