July 14, 2007

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Money found in toilets across Japan

Envelopes containing 10,000 yen ($82) bills and well-wishing notes have been discovered in municipal toilets across Japan, media reports said, baffling civil servants and triggering a nationwide hunt.

Local media have estimated that over two million yen ($16,400) worth of bills were found at men's rooms in city halls in at least 15 prefectures (states) in recent weeks.

Each package of 10,000-yen bills, some wrapped in traditional Japanese washi paper, was accompanied by handwritten letters that read "Please make use of this money for your self-enrichment," and "One per person," according to reports.

Officials are baffled over the identity of the benefactor or any motives, the reports said. Packages turned over to police were to be kept for some time in case someone claimed them.

So...never leave toilets unchecked !!..:)

Computer virus turns 25 !!

The computer virus turns 25 years old this year and in today's hyper-connected world, when everything's got a chip in it and is running software, stopping malware is basically an impossible task!.

The computer virus conception story begins in 1981, when a tech-savvy 9th grader named Richard Skrenta got an Apple II for Christmas. Over the following few months he began cooking up ways to trick his friends using the machine.

When his friends realized his tricky ways, they banned Skrenta from their machines. And that's when he had an epiphany: He could put his code on the school's computer, and rig it to copy itself onto floppy disks that students used on the system. Thus was born Elk Cloner, the world's first computer virus to spread in the wild. The virus didn't do much damage; it infected the Apple II's OS and copied itself to other floppies, and every so often would display a tittering message on the screen:

Elk Cloner: The program with a personality

It will get on all your disks
It will infiltrate your chips
Yes it's Cloner!

It will stick to you like glue
It will modify RAM too
Send in the Cloner!

Gradually more and more programs begun to infect computers world wide...and today we are in a situation to say "Happy birthday, computer virus. Many,many happy returns!".

God bless Virus!

July 11, 2007

10,000 year old baby mammoth (VIDEO)

The remains of a baby mammoth which died 10,000 years ago in the ice age have been found in Siberia.........check it out !!

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