October 6, 2007

LISA LAVIE:Latest singing sensation

This is the new most talked about name around the web today.

Yeah!.Lisa Lavie broke into fame with her music videos "Save your Breath" and "Angel" posted on Youtube.Fan clubs and communities have already erupted on her name.And why not,she's got the voice of an Angel.As of now,her videos were being viewed millions of times a day!.

Few days back,her first video "Save your Breath"was posted and this said there's a awesome singer in the making.After that,"Angel","Falling for you","Ordinary people" and "Everything is everything" were also posted,which are still being watched thousands of times a day.But we need to talk about"Angel"song,which has recieved some 1,107,641 times already.Trust me.This song is great(i've embedded it below)

It's great to see such talent breaking into the music world .Thanks to Youtube:).


Create Your Own

The "Angel" song:

Check out more videos at Youtube

October 1, 2007

Hilary Duff mobile:LG C1300

Good news for Hilary Duff's fans around the world.LG,cleverly using the popularity of Duff, released Hilary Duff mobile phone which is a LG C1300 mobile phone, a color screen flip phone with text messaging and downloadable ringtones and wallpapers.This phone comes pre-loaded with 3 unique Hilary Duff’s ringtones,and not only that you will get 7 exciting Hilary’s wallpapers, adding a customization kit to create 3 unique looks personally chosen by Hilary herself.

But the hard thing is that you need to pay $2 for any additional ringtones...

LG C1300 features:

* Color Screen
* Digital Talk Time: Up to 4 hrs
* Digital Standby Time: Up to 10 days
* Data: Games, Ringtones, Graphics, Text Messaging*, Mobile Instant Messaging*
* 255 alphanumeric phone book with multiple entries
* Alarm works when phone is off
* Calculator plus unit converter
* Calendar: Yes
* Custom Graphics: Yes
* Custom Ringtones: Yes
* Data-Capable: Yes
* Digital TTY/TDD: Yes
* Games: downloadable Java games
* Headset Jack (2.5 mm): Yes
* Multiple Languages: Yes
* Multiple Numbers per Name
* Text Messaging 2-Way: Yes plus instant messaging
* Vibrate: Yes

But let's see whether her diehard fans are really upto spend their dollars to get their LG phone........

September 14, 2007

Rahul Dravid resigns....

Following the so close yet so far series loss to England,Team India captain Rahul Dravid resigns as the captain.

In a letter written to the Indian board, he has asked to be relieved of the captaincy before Australia's forthcoming tour of India, beginning later this month.

A statement from Niranjan Shah, secretary of the Indian board, said Dravid met Sharad Pawar, the board president in New Delhi yesterday. He "expressed his desire to step down as captain of the Indian team and requested that he should not be considered for the job from the upcoming Australia series." The statement said Dravid wanted to concentrate on his game.

As on my side,I found no reason why he should step down as the captain.It's true he hasn't played upto the expectations in the last 2 important games against England but what about that firing 92 he made off some 60 odd balls in the same series.May be he is feeling the pressure of the position too much.Except for his personal reasons no one finds fault in him...

Discussions apart,since he made his decision,he will not be named as the captain of the team but the question arises who can lead Team India now,with the stalwarts still in the side but refusing to captain te side..Is it going to be Dhoni?,Yuvraj or will it turn in a circle and be in the hands of Ganguly again?.Who knows?.Team India is having a tough time..it can't finalize a new coach and now with the captain dropping himself....it's time to take a cleaner look at the jobs to be done....

All the best India..Chak De !

August 26, 2007

John Singleton accidentally kills a pedestrian...

FAmed Director John Singleton,39 who received two Academy Award nominations for his 1991 debut film "Boyz N the Hood",accidentally struck and killed a pedestrian.

The pedestrian Constance Russell, 57, of Los Angeles, died at a hospital a few hours after the accident .Russell was not using a crosswalk when she stepped in front of Singleton's car,according to the sources

After he was checked for intake of drugs,alcohol,Singleton was allowed to leave but since the victim is dead,the case has to get some more attention in terms of a case.
So there is still some other things for him to geta clean chit.

His directed films include "Rosewood," "Baby Boy," "Shaft" and "Four Brothers."

August 18, 2007

Listen to music to sleep better..

Listening to music before going to bed can help you get a good sound sleep,according to a recent study.

The research was carried on mant elderly persons carrying sleep problems.During the study,they were given a choice to hear to music .The persons who went to bed after listening to music have reported better sleep at night and less disfunction during day time.Finally this turned out to be a technique that was easy to learn and lacked the side-effects of other treatments.

Listening to music caused physical changes that aided restful sleep, including a lower heart and respiratory rate, the researchers found.

Alternative:Making sure older people sleep less in the afternoon and get plenty of exposure to daylight can help them get a better night's sleep...but anyway listening to music is not a hectic job!.

Web development blog .......

This is a short review on the hottest site bringing the latest news and developments on the web..in the 'fun' way!!:jon lee dot see eh.

The author of this cool site is Jon Lee,whose main objective of starting this site is to share with the readers his experiences as a web developer.Huh! That's a gr8 thing to hear!.

His online experiences and findings are greatly and cerefully placed on the site,as I have closely observed.But the 'fun' way is doubted.He's serious about it! and his experience as a publisher from a age of 12 is paying back.

It's been growing at a good pace and we all know what and how much it takes to be 27th most favourited blog on Technorati .So you will have to check out the blog if you are serious about blooging to fame...to be one beside Jon...:)

The screen shot of the site:

Check it out.

August 16, 2007

Aishwarya’s wax model unveiled at Time Square..

Aishwarya rai(Bachchan),the global face of Indian film industry and former Miss World became the first Indian celebrity to have her wax model displayed at Madame Tussauds Museum in the historic Time Square in New York.

Within minutes of unveiling of her lifelike model dressed in intricately patterned red sari, her fans in New York began flocking the museum to admire the waxwork.

The unveiling of the model, borrowed by the Madame Tussauds from its parent museum in London will be on display for six weeks before being sent back.

Other Indian personalities immortalised at Madame Tussauds include Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan and Tamil superstar Rajnikanth, Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi.

With both father and wife making it to the Madame Tussauds,Abhishek should be a worried man..:)

Official Google Blog: Namaste India!

Official Google Blog: Namaste India!

Nokia recalls faulty batteries:46 million of them !!.

In what could be the biggest ever product recall in India,the giant mobile handset manufacturer Nokia has recalled 46 million batteries used in its models.It has offered to replace those Mtsushita-manufactured BL-5C batteries,manufactured during December 2005 and November 2006 and employed in many of it's models.

The recall follows complaints from the consumers that during charging some batteries get overheated due to a short circuit,causing the battery to expand and dislodge from it's place making the phone to switchoff.

What do you need to do?:
Go to Nokia.com.On the top of the site, in green there is a "More information concerning battery (BL-5C) replacement" link displayed(as shown in the screen shot below).

Click on it and read the instructions to know whether your battery is a BL-5C model and also to get the battery identification number which you can enter in a box and submit.Then you will be told whether your battery requires replacement or not.

Or,you can dial customer care(080-30303838) to find out whether your battery needs replacement.

While the chances your phone running on a defective battery are high,the company said that BL-5C batteries manufactured by Japan's Matsushita between that on eyear period need to be replaced.The others are fine.

In case it needs replacement, you need to fill up an online form and Nokia promises to replace the battery.It only takes courier time to get it replaced.You will get a empty packet with the new battery to return the defective one to the company.

Replacements a fashion?:

While repalcements and product recalls are common in US,Europe and Japan.It is the first time in India that a similar policy is followed
Very recently,Honda recalled 2000 cars and Fisher Price offered to replace some of the toys it imported from China.
Maybe this is one of the fresh tactics played by th giants to get themselves a good 'secure' name.......

August 15, 2007

Show your love through 1 Million Love Messages.......

Do you love some one?.Are you trying the best ways to propose?.Do you need words of help to propose?.Then this is a really interesting story to read-The Tale of 1 Million Love Messages !!.

1 Million Love Messages is a place to show how much and how deep you are in love with your loving one.It’s a place where you can share what you feel for someone special in your life: your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, son, daughter, mother, father,relatives..…..anyone who's lovable.

This site is started by Mauro ,a guy from Portugal.First posts on the blog appear to be on 31/7/2006.So it has already completed it's first birthday.

His ultimate aim as he says is to publish 1 million love messages on this blog sent in by the readers from all around the globe.

As on today,298 love messages have been posted on the site,which means a target still far away.....

Screen shot of the site:

What you need to do:

To be part of the project and to have your love message posted, all you need to do is to mail your message to 1millionlovemessages@gmail.com with all the details you would like to get published.You can also send an image or a youtube link(including personal ones)to get them viewed along with the message.But be careful,they will all be public.

The Other Side:Instead of concentrating mainly on the initiative of spreading love,the owner is trying to make some money out of it. From inviting people to advertise on the site to selling shirts of 1million love messages,he's trying everything.He's even giving out links for "faming him ".

This is just the other side and still love has it's greater value in this beautiful world and let's make it popular.......

Spread it over:if you own a blog or a website display a badge(shown below) just to send in more lovers to the site....


Go to the website:www.1millionlovemessages.com

August 11, 2007

Facebook Profile appears in newspaper

Social networking took new dimensions as people's profiles are being displayed in newspapers in Lebanon !.

After he started receiving too many friend requests ,he was puzzled.Later some of his friends notified him that his profile appeared in a Lebanese national newspaper,the prime reason for the increasing popularity of his profile!.

Later,he recollected that he posted some of the screenshots of his profile on the web and they eventually reached the top of Google image search.So the story editors should have found those pics while they typed in facebook in Google search,where the pics are displayed on the first page.....

Google's shocking everyone and is in news everywhere...........

Ramayan as an online game !.

Ramayan,an Indian mythological epic and one of the greatest epics ever told can soon be played as a game,that too an online one.
Virgin comics together with Sony online entertainment(SOE)is letting the younger generation know and learn from the great indian epic,that has inspired millions of people through the ages ,through their favourite media-video games.

Sony online entertainment having bagged a multi-year, worldwide license agreement, will develop and publish a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game capable of supporting hundreds or thousands of players simultaneously.

Virgin Comics will serve as a creative consultant on the project.
It's really interesting to see how the universal themes like duty, honour, sacrifice and fraternity while also mining uniquely Indian ideas like karma (how action and consequence are linked) and the malleability of time itself,are going to be moulded. To bring all of these ideas into a game with SOE is fabulous.

August 5, 2007

WIMAX enabled phone from LG

LG is once again in news as it announced the first of it's kind Wimax enabled mobile.LG therfore has been making it's presence felt in the mobile market releasing cool new phones.This is one of it's kind.

Features of LG KC1:

This Windows Mobile runs on a 5.0 OS .

Has a 2.8 inch touch screen which can display 65K colors.

Has 2 megapixel camera .

Bluetooth with an A2DP profile.

Has an external memory card slot for microSD cards and comes equipped with 128 ROM and 64MB RAM.

No news about the release of the phone or the price of it is known!.

Nirguna Sorpresa:The Spanish version of the new Harry Potter series

Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows has rocked the book market since it's release few days back.

Now it's time for you to read a fan translated Spanish version of the popular book-the last one in the series.

The unofficial Spanish language version can be obtained and or read on the blog by the name of Spanish Hallows on Blogger,which has each chapter translated and posted. Downloads are also available on Bit Torrent and several file hosting sites.

The official spanish version of the book is due to hit the stands later this year.

Another serious case of plagiarism !!!!!!!!.Can the wizard save himself this time??.

Play the Harry Potter game free of cost

India's largest gaming portal, Zapak.com finally set it's eye on the popular Harry Potter series.It has introduced a new Harry Potter Zone within its own website, to offer fans with movie wallpapers and trailers. Potter fans may also play the Official Harry Potter Game "Dolores Umbridge's Cats" on zapak.com. Zapak representatives say the game is now available ‘free to play’ but they will soon introduce a downloadable game on the movie as well.

The Harry Potter casual game by Zapak allows players to use a magic wand to free the cats from Dolores Umbridge’s plate. Players are required to free all the cats to finish the game by finding targets and aiming at the plate with the glowing circle. Players may use their mouse to aim and click the left mouse button to increase power and shoot.

The game's theme is based on the new Harry potter movie, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," where Harry returns for his fifth year of study at Hogwarts to discover that much of the wizarding community has been led to believe that the story of the teenager's recent encounter with the evil Lord Voldemort is a lie, putting Harry's integrity in question.

July 29, 2007

Man Crashes into church and leaves the scene crying ''Steve Jobs".

An un-identified driver,who is rich enough to have a laptop crashed his way into a Church and left the scene with the NZ police screaming"Steve Jobs".

Witnesses report that this guy jumped several red lights and missed several pedestrians on his way.

The clash with the church sounded like a bomb going off,causing the car's glass to crack.

As police attempted to extricate him from his motor, he "clutched his laptop computer and screamed the name of Apple's CEO Steve Jobs". A fireman later revealed that the man might be down with mental illness.

Britney Spears may lose her kids

Britney Spears,one of the craziest celebrities of America is having real testing time.What comes as a shock to her is that her ex-hubbie wants his kids back from her!.

Singer,Kevin Federline doesn't trust Britney's way of raising children.

And if we look into the past,his idea nota bad one!. Recently she was noticed driving with her younger son, Jayden facing forward in his cars seat , which is prohibited by state guidelines.ALso Jayden was spotted playing with Britney cigarettes , which is certainly not good for the kid.

With a case being filed,it will be tough time once again for the largely popular pop-star.

Microsoft partners Digg to show ads on Digg.com

In a official declaration on the digg.com's blog,Kevin Rose writes that they have signed on Microsoft as their new partner to sell and serve ads on Digg.

It’s a deal similar to the one Facebook signed with Microsoft last year.

Earlier,Digg used to serve adsense ads together with 3rd party ads.According to them,The introduction of a new ad serving Microsoft helps them to concentrate more on developing new features to serve their already high and first expanding user interface.

Moreover,Federated Media, which has been an awesome partner for the last year and a half, will continue working with Digg focusing on integrated sponsorships and custom programs like the Arc project in labs.

July 17, 2007

The hacked website is fine now !!

Yesterday,it was one of the popular story on the front page of digg,with the Heading "My website was hacked".It was really and the hacker left a photo together with his email address !!.

The sufferrer posted his story on digg with the words "I found my website was hacked just now. He left his email, too. What should I do? ".When i make this post,the story has over 1516 diggs together with 333 comments.....and more interestingly,the website is ok right now,unlocked from the hands of the hacker.

Here is the screen shot of the website:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Go to the website

Original digg story

DiGG this story

July 16, 2007

Digg submition a problem !!

Now...just now,i have tried to submit a story from ATPtennis.com which relates entry of Pete Sampras into the international hall 0f fame.But once i entered the url of the story and hit "CONTINUE" button..the page shows up as the screenshots as i show here..even the stories that digg thinks to be a original of my story doesn't show up even after the site got loaded !!!.

Screenshot 1
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Screenshot 2
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

DiGG this story

July 14, 2007

Get a free PR4 or PR5 link to your website!!

If you are looking forward to boost up your website's pagerank,then this is some thing you need to look at.

Allsux.com is handing out free Google PageRank 4 links to anyone who reviews the site, even if they trash it! What’s more, the funniest review (good, bad or ugly) will win a second link, and a PR5 one at that. With Google PageRank about to update, everyone is scrambling to get good solid links to rank higher when it goes public. Here is your chance to boost your PR, and all you have to do is write about a site - whether you love or hate it.

For the full details check out the Allsux post offering free PageRank.

Money found in toilets across Japan

Envelopes containing 10,000 yen ($82) bills and well-wishing notes have been discovered in municipal toilets across Japan, media reports said, baffling civil servants and triggering a nationwide hunt.

Local media have estimated that over two million yen ($16,400) worth of bills were found at men's rooms in city halls in at least 15 prefectures (states) in recent weeks.

Each package of 10,000-yen bills, some wrapped in traditional Japanese washi paper, was accompanied by handwritten letters that read "Please make use of this money for your self-enrichment," and "One per person," according to reports.

Officials are baffled over the identity of the benefactor or any motives, the reports said. Packages turned over to police were to be kept for some time in case someone claimed them.

So...never leave toilets unchecked !!..:)

Computer virus turns 25 !!

The computer virus turns 25 years old this year and in today's hyper-connected world, when everything's got a chip in it and is running software, stopping malware is basically an impossible task!.

The computer virus conception story begins in 1981, when a tech-savvy 9th grader named Richard Skrenta got an Apple II for Christmas. Over the following few months he began cooking up ways to trick his friends using the machine.

When his friends realized his tricky ways, they banned Skrenta from their machines. And that's when he had an epiphany: He could put his code on the school's computer, and rig it to copy itself onto floppy disks that students used on the system. Thus was born Elk Cloner, the world's first computer virus to spread in the wild. The virus didn't do much damage; it infected the Apple II's OS and copied itself to other floppies, and every so often would display a tittering message on the screen:

Elk Cloner: The program with a personality

It will get on all your disks
It will infiltrate your chips
Yes it's Cloner!

It will stick to you like glue
It will modify RAM too
Send in the Cloner!

Gradually more and more programs begun to infect computers world wide...and today we are in a situation to say "Happy birthday, computer virus. Many,many happy returns!".

God bless Virus!

July 11, 2007

10,000 year old baby mammoth (VIDEO)

The remains of a baby mammoth which died 10,000 years ago in the ice age have been found in Siberia.........check it out !!

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June 29, 2007

iPlayboy for the iPhone

Steve Jobs has delivered the hardware and now Hugh Hefner has delivered the software.

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Apple: Two iPhones per person

Apple's not being stingy like AT&T... okay, maybe not as stingy. But according to a new announcement this morning, the company said that it will limit people's purchases of the iPhone to two per person on launch day, not just one. As expected, they are first come, first served.

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Steve Jobs - Free iPhones for Apple Employees

According to ThinkSecret, Steve Jobs held a company-wide town hall today and announced that Apple employees will get free 8GB iPhones this July. This applies to all full-time Apple employees as well as part time employees who have been with Apple for more than 1 year...

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Recycling Floppy Disks

The floppy disk was the medium of choice during the 80's and 90's, they are now relegated to landfill, and cost dollars to dispose of correctly. Don't throw them away, try these methods instead.

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Is the Sun from another galaxy?

According to the Bad Astronomer, the answer is no. The story from a few days ago that we are part of another smaller galaxy is not true.

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June 18, 2007

Technorati link

Technorati Profile

June 16, 2007

Some fabulous adsense tips

Adsense is the best affiliate program which can earn you good money once you are successful in making use of it.

Ad Placement::

The heat-map (where visitors look more carefully) is like an F and placing the ads there will lead to a higher CTR.
For the top ad, use the google_ad_format “300×250″ and put it to the right of the left column navigation. Put a small paragraph of text above it so that the whole ad is wrapped in content. And make sure that ad is above the fold.
For the footer, use a horizontal text link ad, placed in the middle of the page like the bottom navigation many sites use. Use the 4 or 5 link unit that best fits the size. These give a lower CTR, but if you have tons of traffic, it is worth it.
Never use more than two ad blocks. The more have ads you have, the more room there is for cheap ads to appear.Skyscraper ads do not perform as well as 300×250 ads but are a good substitute on pages where the 300×250 ads can’t be used.

Ad Design::

Colors of the link of the ad should match the color of the navigation links.Dim the URL in the ad (under the text) as much as possible so the visitor has a hard time reading it and typing it into another browser window. The color will be overruled if it is too close to the background color.
The ad text should match the page text color.The background and border of the ad should be set to the same as the background, so they blend with the page colors.

Preventing Ad Blindness ::

You can use alternate colors for the links if it’s a forum, or a site that people come back often to prevent ad blindness.
The format to rotate 3 colors randomly for the links is:
google_color_link = [”0000CC”,”800000″,”005500″];
This will rotate the colors in the bracket randomly.

Targeting Ads ::

To target the right ads you can qualify specific areas of content for Google to use in its matching criteria: Content content content…
Don't worry Google will still show other ads if the amount of text is not enough.Make good use of and tags to get better targeted ads.
Don’t forget to think about a product when writing a page - and mention it - so Google has some idea of which ads to place there. Good things to mention are books, software or equipment that could be useful to the user. Mentioning items in relation to the content will only help everyone.(Not advisory is you blog for content rather than money)

Targeting an Audience::

Amusement and games give very low money for the clicks.So try to have posts with keywords having higher paying ads.One site may not make much money but several “not much” sites can equal a lot.Big keywords hurt much more when you lose them. 100 pages bringing 10 visitors are better than 1 page that brings 1000.You must have more than one site to make income online.

Never try to share your site with others

Attitude ::

Think good… don’t be influenced by complaining people. Just do the work and be free in a few years.Make a good helpful site: you’ll get there.The rest is a patience thing.Good luck.....:)

read the original story at 14thc.com | digg this story

January 25, 2007

Is fantasising wrong?

If you fantasise about your favourite film star and felt ashamed about it,you need not worry about it,declare experts.Having a fantasy is perfectly normal and is not a matter to hide.
However probable or improbable the fantasy,the reason why it happens is also because the person is control of his imagination unlike in reality and doesn’t it to occur in real life.
Even most people feel that masturbation would make them ill.Bui the opposite was true.Among older people without a sexual partner this activity keeps the genital and urinary tracts in good form.In fact people who masturbate will have a better sexual life as they tend to understand their bodies better making it more responsive and hence know what they like most.People are carried away by age old ideas passed over to them which are unscientific and not based on facts.
Said by Dr June Machover Reinisch,director Emiritius,Kinsey Institute for sex ,gender and reproduction,speaking at international congress on lifespan sexuality education held at Hyderabad.she’s got a doctorate in psychology

January 14, 2007

Web black holes

Reporters without boundaries(RSF) ,a human rights organization has been releasing ,yearly,the list of countries whose governments impose rules on browsing the web.

Belarus, Burma, China ,Cuba, Egypt, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Siria, Tunisia, Turkemenisthan , Uzbekisthan ,Vietnam have been listed in the new one. Nepal, Maldives and Libia which found their places in the list last year were out this time-owing to improved conditions.

Surprisingly, the results were based on a 24-hour voting system.

More information ...click here

Gone in 4 seconds

Some one opens your website/weblog in a browser’s window,it takes some time for him/her to get a complete view of the site.But if it doesn’t upload in time, there are highest chances of losing your viewer just because your viewer’s impatience grows…..

To know more about how much time people wait for a site/blog to upload ,an American organization held a survey online.In this,a massive 75% wouldn’t wait longer than 4 seconds for the site to upload.They prefer to move away from a website ,if it takes any longer.But still remember-people stay at your site only if it is attractive enough.

So at this time.I would ask how my blog looks to u?.

January 11, 2007


Most of us use adsense on our blogs.After we make a new post,we generally click on the "view ur blog(in new window)" link and make up repairs or customize our blog...and sometimes end up clicking on our own ads(accidentally),only to be banned from making any money from adsense(read terms and conditions).

To avoid all of this mess,you can go to the website adblock to block the ads of your website and continue your work with the layout of your blog.

But I would not recommend this to my readers,which would decrease my already low adsense earnings

The Ashes 2006-2007.

The most sensational cricket outing has come to a serious ending on 4th January,2007 with the Aussies getting the best of the England .The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper described the series as "the most anticipated Ashes series ever", and tickets were sold out within days of being available for all the games.But the worse is to follow...

Australia have whitewashed England by 5-0 win over them .This was only the second time in the history of Ashes that England were whitewashed. The feat had previously been achieved only by Warwick Armstrong's Australian team in 1920-21.

The results of the series were:
1 Brisbane The Gabba 23-27 November :Aus won by 277 runs
2 Adelaide Adelaide Oval 1-5 December :Aus won by 6 wickets
3 Perth WACA Ground 14-18 December :Aus won by 206 runs
4 Melbourne Melbourne Cricket Ground 26-30 December :Aus won by an innings and 99 runs
5 Sydney Sydney Cricket Ground 4 2-6 January :Aus won by 10 wickets.

The loss was difficult to accept for the English after capturing 2005 Ashes showing great character,winning it 2-1 after they were 1-0 down.The Ashes was with them for 16 months

This was the last series for legendary leg spinner Shane Warne and other distinguished cricketers like Damien Martin,Justine Langer .'The pigeon' also announced his retirement from test cricket...the world cup will be his last series.

Shane became the first cricketer to capture 700 test wickets by bowling out batsmen Cook on the first day of the 4th test at his home ground.He also picked up his 1000th victim on day 2 of the 5th test.Hatsoff to the great!!!!.He's been the key and the highlight for the series.

Highlights:Most runs:Ricky Ponting
Most wickets:Stuart Clark
Fastest 100:Adam Gilchrist(57 balls)

The next series will take place in England in their summer of 2009.

January 7, 2007

Cicarelli's video

A video featuring Daniela Cicarelli,ex of footballer Ronaldo was removed from famous video sharing website YouTube following orders to Google to stop Brazilian viewers from accessing it.The video shows the super model and Brazilian banker,Renato Malzoni making out along a beach near the Spanish city of Cadiz,according to the sources.

Though Google tried it's best to block this video which's been apperaing from september,it reappears under different names and it's been difficult for them.

It's been tough time for Google following orders from court to identify Orkut( a social networking site) users spreading child pornography and passing hate speeches about countries,religions ....

January 2, 2007

Arkansas's diamond park

Arkansas's diamond site, the Crater of Diamonds State Park, is the eighth largest diamond-bearing deposit in surface area in the world.Here visitors are allowed to search and keep the diamonds they find.
This site became an Arkansas state park in 1972, and since then, park visitors have unearthead thousands of diamonds here.Moreover,about 2 diamonds are found here every day.

And on 31st December,2006 Gary Dunlap found a 2.37 carat white diamondwhile he was searching under a tree at the world famous site.He named the diamond -The star of Thelma,after his wife.Reportedly, this was the fourth largest diamond found this year and approximately half a thousand diamonds were unearthed this year.

The first diamonds were unearthed in 1906 by John Huddleston, the farmer who at that time owned this land. Since then, over 75,000 diamonds have been unearthed here. Notable diamonds from the Crater of Diamonds include the 40.23-carat Uncle Sam, [the largest diamond ever unearthed in the United States], the 16.37-carat Amarillo Starlight,the 15.33-carat Star of Arkansas and the 3.03-carat Strawn-Wagner Diamond.

In this 37.5 acre land of hope(for the visitors)..most of the stones found were white,brown and yellow.
More information about the site can be had from the official websites below::
www.craterofdiamondsstatepark.com &www.arkansasstateparks.com.