August 15, 2007

Show your love through 1 Million Love Messages.......

Do you love some one?.Are you trying the best ways to propose?.Do you need words of help to propose?.Then this is a really interesting story to read-The Tale of 1 Million Love Messages !!.

1 Million Love Messages is a place to show how much and how deep you are in love with your loving one.It’s a place where you can share what you feel for someone special in your life: your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, son, daughter, mother, father,relatives..…..anyone who's lovable.

This site is started by Mauro ,a guy from Portugal.First posts on the blog appear to be on 31/7/2006.So it has already completed it's first birthday.

His ultimate aim as he says is to publish 1 million love messages on this blog sent in by the readers from all around the globe.

As on today,298 love messages have been posted on the site,which means a target still far away.....

Screen shot of the site:

What you need to do:

To be part of the project and to have your love message posted, all you need to do is to mail your message to with all the details you would like to get published.You can also send an image or a youtube link(including personal ones)to get them viewed along with the message.But be careful,they will all be public.

The Other Side:Instead of concentrating mainly on the initiative of spreading love,the owner is trying to make some money out of it. From inviting people to advertise on the site to selling shirts of 1million love messages,he's trying everything.He's even giving out links for "faming him ".

This is just the other side and still love has it's greater value in this beautiful world and let's make it popular.......

Spread it over:if you own a blog or a website display a badge(shown below) just to send in more lovers to the site....

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