August 16, 2007

Nokia recalls faulty batteries:46 million of them !!.

In what could be the biggest ever product recall in India,the giant mobile handset manufacturer Nokia has recalled 46 million batteries used in its models.It has offered to replace those Mtsushita-manufactured BL-5C batteries,manufactured during December 2005 and November 2006 and employed in many of it's models.

The recall follows complaints from the consumers that during charging some batteries get overheated due to a short circuit,causing the battery to expand and dislodge from it's place making the phone to switchoff.

What do you need to do?:
Go to the top of the site, in green there is a "More information concerning battery (BL-5C) replacement" link displayed(as shown in the screen shot below).

Click on it and read the instructions to know whether your battery is a BL-5C model and also to get the battery identification number which you can enter in a box and submit.Then you will be told whether your battery requires replacement or not.

Or,you can dial customer care(080-30303838) to find out whether your battery needs replacement.

While the chances your phone running on a defective battery are high,the company said that BL-5C batteries manufactured by Japan's Matsushita between that on eyear period need to be replaced.The others are fine.

In case it needs replacement, you need to fill up an online form and Nokia promises to replace the battery.It only takes courier time to get it replaced.You will get a empty packet with the new battery to return the defective one to the company.

Replacements a fashion?:

While repalcements and product recalls are common in US,Europe and Japan.It is the first time in India that a similar policy is followed
Very recently,Honda recalled 2000 cars and Fisher Price offered to replace some of the toys it imported from China.
Maybe this is one of the fresh tactics played by th giants to get themselves a good 'secure' name.......