June 16, 2007

Some fabulous adsense tips

Adsense is the best affiliate program which can earn you good money once you are successful in making use of it.

Ad Placement::

The heat-map (where visitors look more carefully) is like an F and placing the ads there will lead to a higher CTR.
For the top ad, use the google_ad_format “300×250″ and put it to the right of the left column navigation. Put a small paragraph of text above it so that the whole ad is wrapped in content. And make sure that ad is above the fold.
For the footer, use a horizontal text link ad, placed in the middle of the page like the bottom navigation many sites use. Use the 4 or 5 link unit that best fits the size. These give a lower CTR, but if you have tons of traffic, it is worth it.
Never use more than two ad blocks. The more have ads you have, the more room there is for cheap ads to appear.Skyscraper ads do not perform as well as 300×250 ads but are a good substitute on pages where the 300×250 ads can’t be used.

Ad Design::

Colors of the link of the ad should match the color of the navigation links.Dim the URL in the ad (under the text) as much as possible so the visitor has a hard time reading it and typing it into another browser window. The color will be overruled if it is too close to the background color.
The ad text should match the page text color.The background and border of the ad should be set to the same as the background, so they blend with the page colors.

Preventing Ad Blindness ::

You can use alternate colors for the links if it’s a forum, or a site that people come back often to prevent ad blindness.
The format to rotate 3 colors randomly for the links is:
google_color_link = [”0000CC”,”800000″,”005500″];
This will rotate the colors in the bracket randomly.

Targeting Ads ::

To target the right ads you can qualify specific areas of content for Google to use in its matching criteria: Content content content…
Don't worry Google will still show other ads if the amount of text is not enough.Make good use of and tags to get better targeted ads.
Don’t forget to think about a product when writing a page - and mention it - so Google has some idea of which ads to place there. Good things to mention are books, software or equipment that could be useful to the user. Mentioning items in relation to the content will only help everyone.(Not advisory is you blog for content rather than money)

Targeting an Audience::

Amusement and games give very low money for the clicks.So try to have posts with keywords having higher paying ads.One site may not make much money but several “not much” sites can equal a lot.Big keywords hurt much more when you lose them. 100 pages bringing 10 visitors are better than 1 page that brings 1000.You must have more than one site to make income online.

Never try to share your site with others

Attitude ::

Think good… don’t be influenced by complaining people. Just do the work and be free in a few years.Make a good helpful site: you’ll get there.The rest is a patience thing.Good luck.....:)

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