January 25, 2007

Is fantasising wrong?

If you fantasise about your favourite film star and felt ashamed about it,you need not worry about it,declare experts.Having a fantasy is perfectly normal and is not a matter to hide.
However probable or improbable the fantasy,the reason why it happens is also because the person is control of his imagination unlike in reality and doesn’t it to occur in real life.
Even most people feel that masturbation would make them ill.Bui the opposite was true.Among older people without a sexual partner this activity keeps the genital and urinary tracts in good form.In fact people who masturbate will have a better sexual life as they tend to understand their bodies better making it more responsive and hence know what they like most.People are carried away by age old ideas passed over to them which are unscientific and not based on facts.
Said by Dr June Machover Reinisch,director Emiritius,Kinsey Institute for sex ,gender and reproduction,speaking at international congress on lifespan sexuality education held at Hyderabad.she’s got a doctorate in psychology


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