June 5, 2008

Enjoy the beauty of Social Networking with CrushorFlush.com

With raising concerns over social networking,new trends and practices are taking shape!.A similar practice of super safe social networking is that implemented by Crush Or Flush.com !!!.

The main advantage of using CrushorFlush would be privacy!.You can browse through others profiles and thereafter,you can crush or flush an individual!.Even when you have a mutual crush,your personal information is never leaked to others.Anonymous profiles are completely never to be seen on the site!.A person can maintain only one profile.

One of the coolest features of the networking site is it's chat !!.You can chat with your "crushes" after having a mutual crush with them.They never leak your personal details-including your phone number,real name and email address to any one.Through chat if you personally wanted to reveal your identity to your friends-it is welcome.

And most importantly,if there's a complaint of any harassment from a member,that fellow is permanently banned from the site!.

Happy networking!!!.