December 31, 2008

Leelee Sobieski nude pictures in Finding Bliss

This should be great news for all the admirers of  Leelee Sobieski.

The beautiful actress is going to reveal her body in her next film,Finding Bliss.The beautiful actress plays a porn star in the movie,which is a rollout comedy on the adult industry.The actress should have done this movie with the idea of reviving her falling career.

In a recent interview,she speaks out- "I just finished a movie called Finding Bliss. It's a comedy about the adult industry. We all have nude scenes in the movie including me. It was completely necessary for the story. But sometimes we'd all sit around and be like, did we just film that? Are we going to regret this in a week? We were joking around about it a lot. But when you trust the director and know they have a vision and have a comfort in the dynamic and why you're doing it, then you're willing to take that risk!".

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