June 11, 2008

Bloggin-ads 2 Mac Book Air and 1000$ giveaway

UPDATE: The contest is over !.

Mike & Michelle at Bloggin-ads.com have come up with an awesome contest that can blow away any blogger's mind.Their blog does a lot of blog reviews and this contest is to give a kick start to their new strategy!!.

The Prizes:
  • 2 x MacBook Air (a value of $1,799 each)
    1.6Ghz Intel Core Duo
    2GB Ram
    80GB Internal Drive
    13.3″ Display
    Built-In WiFi and Bluetooth
  • 10 winners x $100 (a value of $1,000)
Entry Methods:

  1. Subscribe to the feed through email:just go to the site ,enter your email and confirm:1 ticket
  2. Become a friend of Mike on Stumbleupon at blogginads.stumbleupon.com:1 ticket
  3. Tell Mike about a error on his site here:1 ticket
  4. Stumble/digg/Propel the contest post :1 ticket each
  5. Hold the contest banner on your site(you can find the banners on the contest page):5 tickets
  6. Comment on the blog:1 ticket/comment and maximum of 5 tickets a day
  7. Write about the blog contest on your blog with anchor text "blog reviews":10 tickets
  8. Just write about the contest without any anchor test:5 tickets
  9. Participate in their forums,Entreforums and bloggin-ads forum:maximum of 10 tickets/day each
A big thank you to them for this wonderful blog contest,which left my eyes watering for the Mac Book Air!.

Be there and try your luck !.Don't forget to tell me if you win..The contest ends at 23:59:59 PST(i.e.,GMT -700) on 15th June !!.

UPDATE: The contest is over !.