October 6, 2007

LISA LAVIE:Latest singing sensation

This is the new most talked about name around the web today.

Yeah!.Lisa Lavie broke into fame with her music videos "Save your Breath" and "Angel" posted on Youtube.Fan clubs and communities have already erupted on her name.And why not,she's got the voice of an Angel.As of now,her videos were being viewed millions of times a day!.

Few days back,her first video "Save your Breath"was posted and this said there's a awesome singer in the making.After that,"Angel","Falling for you","Ordinary people" and "Everything is everything" were also posted,which are still being watched thousands of times a day.But we need to talk about"Angel"song,which has recieved some 1,107,641 times already.Trust me.This song is great(i've embedded it below)

It's great to see such talent breaking into the music world .Thanks to Youtube:).


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The "Angel" song:

Check out more videos at Youtube


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