May 27, 2008

Alex Lyskawa died in a crash at Summit Point Raceaway

Alex Lyskawa ,13 of Londonderry,NH died after being involved in a multi-bike accident at Summit Point Raceway.

This is a video made by KeeganJKP in memory of Alex Lyskawa:


Pieter said...

I work at a television station near the racetrack where this happened. I'm wondering where you got this picture -- and which one is Alex. Thanks for your help.

Pieter Bickford
Hagerstown, Maryland

Rohit said...

Sorry Pieter for the confusion I caused in your mind!.

I don't think Alex was included in that picture.I found this when I searched for Alex on Google Images(with a different name though).That's it!.

Isaac said...

Alex was #77

Great kid. Funny, smart, and athletic; We'll miss him

Pieter said...

It sounds like it. A friend of Alex's has already put together a tribute for him on YouTube.

Rohit said...

Thanks for the information,Pieter.I appreciate it!.